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Technical communication student

Mr. Carlson is an outstanding student. It’s clear he enjoys solving problems through research/analysis and expressing the findings in writing. All of Mr. Carlson’s course artifacts exemplify exceptional attention to detail and thoroughness. At the graduate level, these artifacts—typically, longer reports for managers or professional clients—were always impeccable. Mr. Carlson was able to synthesize complex information and produce materials that were visually appealing, appropriate to the audience, and highly engaging.

Mr. Carlson would, in my opinion, be an excellent fit in any organization seeking high-level technical communication competencies. [See full letter (PDF).]

  • Laura A. Palmer, Assistant Professor, English, Technical Communication and Media Arts, Southern Polytechnic State University (now Kennesaw State University), October 2013

Peter Carlson was a student in our Medical Communication course fall 2013. Peter does consistently top shelf work, contributes generously to the learning community, responds in detail to his writing partner, and is a pleasure to work with. He takes constructive feedback well and profits by it, always giving his best.

  • Keith Hopper, Professor, Information & Instructional Design, Southern Polytechnic State University (now Kennesaw State University), December 2013

Commercial experience

Medical robot work

When Peter Joined the software group as a technical writer, it felt like our previous documentation issues were gone. He has the ability to understand the product without much technical explanation from the engineers, organize the necessary documentation within our Document Control framework and procedures, and deliver the documents on time; as a result, engineers were given more time to focus on their core responsibilities. Peter was an invaluable member of our software group, and helped immensely in us being able to meet our deadlines.

  • David Joo, Software Test Engineer, THINK Surgical, May 2015

Call center work at Sanlam Life Assurance division, South Africa

I worked with Mr Carlson in the development of our new telephone hot-line . . . We found Mr Carlson’s development of the user requirements of a very high standard. His approach to the project was world class. He was able to translate our varied requirements into the detailed messages and prompts that were required to program the system. This enabled us to work through real-life scenarios prior to committing to the menu structure. His specification defined the messages for two languages, English and Afrikaans, in an original way. The original development was of such a solid and future-proof nature that we have had little need for further changes.

  • Melanie Taylor, Manager of Marketing Support in Unit Trusts, January 1999

Peter worked for me as a Call Centre Consultant on a Vertical Prototype proving project. During this time he added enormous value to my project and was very proactive in identifying and then resolving issues. He made intelligent assumptions to enable us to get ahead which proved their worth later. I would not hesitate to employ him again.

  • Piers Cousins, Project Manager Vertical prototype for Call Centre, July 1, 1998

Thank you very much for your contribution during the development of the Call Centre, and specifically your important role during the facilitation and compilation of the functional requirements. Your experienced assisted us a great deal to supplement the lack of experience in the business. The project managers also expressed their appreciation re. your efforts in all areas you were involved in.

  • Philip Kotze, Technical Programme Manager: Call Centre, July 1, 1998

I found Peter to be extremely knowledgeable in his field, and to have a strong ability and willingness to translate his knowledge into practical terms. He assumed responsibility for all tasks requested of him, and produced deliverables of a high quality. I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again.

  • Wendy Booyens, Manager for Legacy Call In Layer project for the Legacy Call Centre Programme, July 1, 1998

Telecommunications work at Fujistsu Australia

I had the pleasure of working with Peter Carlson during 1995 . . . Peter’s specific role was to develop test specifications for the network management sub-system of the product. This area of work required a highly advanced understanding of the entire network architecture and the ability to devise test scenarios that could exercise normal and abnormal activity. While Peter had an excellent backing in generic Telecommunications Network Management systems, he was required to rapidly gain expertise in a wide range of new proprietary protocols. He readily achieved this and made many significant inputs to the test strategy and design of the sub-system. As a result, the product has been successfully deployed in a number of countries including Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and China.

  • Gary Foster, then Manager Software Development Group, R&D Group, February 1998

Telecommunications work at Computer Protocol and Datacraft

I have worked with Peter for a total of 5 years since 1990. . . . The combination of his integrity, dedication, professionalism and meticulousness coupled with his ability to bring original and innovative solutions to difficult engineering problems makes him a very rare and valuable engineer. Peter has always worked exceedingly well and has headed several teams to implement new programs, innovative processes and development of technical products. . . . [H]e was always able to command the respect of all those with whom he worked. . . . His invaluable expertise in controlling requirements and planning tests was applied in Australia and US. Peter’s excellent knowledge of world’s best practices allowed him to establish standards for both processes and for technical products that we developed. . . . Peter is an authority on siftware engineering processes and the deployment of software quality systems to international standards.

  • Charles England, Development Manager, Australian Artificial Intelligence Institute, July 1998

Instrumentation work at ACET

I worked with Dr Carlson in 1983 when we were involved in a project to measure key parameters for one of the 250 MVA generators in my employer’s . . . power system. . . . The project was considered to be an outstanding success . . . At the time, these tests represented a major challenge to a small utility as SECWA and the contribution made by Dr Carlson was critical to the success of the project.

  • Eric Goddard, System Operations Development Engineer in Western Power (previously SECWA), January 1999

I was inter alia a non-executive Director of ACET Ltd, a listed company which used capabilities in electronics, mechanical engineering and software to develop new instrumentation and solutions for the mining, railway, health care and related industries. Dr. Peter Carlson was a senior research engineer with ACET from 1981 to 1990 and I got to know Dr Carlson’s professional achievements very well during that period. . . . [H]e provided intellectual and technological leadership to develop breakthrough products as diverse as instruments for spectral analysis of electro ence[pha]lographic signals and monitoring instruments for transients in high capacity electric power distribution systems. . . . A special feature of his work is the way he can broker between academic excellence and practical application. This is a rare and valuable skill important to commercially successful innovation.

  • Andre Morkel, Professor of Management (emeritus), University of Western Australia, March 1998

. . . I have known [Peter] both professionally and socially for fourteen years. . . . I was extremely impressed with his scholarship and capacity to exploit it to achieve excellent results. . . . Peter was well respected in Western Australia. He has a fine mind that allows for pragmatic innovation! - a quality not always linked to research scientists.

  • Mike Grant, CEO, Imago Multimedia Centre, April 1998

Academic experience

Peter Carlson was a guest lecturer in the Software Project Management subject which I ran at RMIT in 1995. . . . We were extremely pleased to have our students benefit from of an innovative and respected industrial engineer of Dr Carlson’s calibre. His contribution to the course was highly valued by both students and staff.

  • Lin Padgham, Associate Professor, Dept of Computer Science, RMIT University, February 1999

Peter has been an external lecturer for us here at RMIT. He was very good at this, both knowing his subject and having a good “lecturing presence”.

  • P J Radcliffe, Senior Lecturer, RMIT University, February 1999

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